Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adi Mallikarjun temple

Adi is a small village in Belgaum district of Karnataka state. It is about 18 kilometers form a small town called Nipani. You can catch a bus from Nipani to reach there. The route takes a diversion fromNipani to Kolhapur(district in Maharashtra) road. As you take the diversion you can feel the villages Soundalga,Adi,Benadi,Mangur all lies in the same route.

To go to a temple which is on a hill top the best time to choose is early morning.Have a stay at Nippani and start early in the morning.The hill is visible even before the stop is reached.The road is okay( for a village we can't expect more than that).

There are a lot of small steps leading to the temple. As we say about life, journey not the destination is what we need to enjoy. As we climb up the hill we can see the small bus route like a childs drawing in the sand , small rectangular Jawar fields some dry yellowish and some green a spectacular view of the village can be obtained from the hill. There are almost 700 steps upto the temple but it took only nearly 45 minutes to reach the top. In my opinion a temple is good for offering our prayers when there is less rush of people. To my happiness there was only a few people in the temple and nobody was there to climb with me. The temple is of Lord shiva. It is inside a rock cave like structuer, but renewation process is going on to make look good. Wind was blowing with force up there.

I offered my prayers, and thanks ,took the bhasmam the priest gave me and went down with a satisfaction( for what I dont know).