Friday, May 18, 2007

Leaving the treadmill

People who have visited a gym at any point of their lives may not forget a treadmill. If atleast in movies you have seen one or is using one then then this is worth reading.

My first experience with treadmill made me think it as 'Dread' mill. It was lying in the corner of the gym like akid whose toy has been snatched away by nother.Like every other newcomer, I also wanted to give it a test. I stepped on its wide rubber belt pressed the white button on its panel, but nothing happened at all. Then I found that the power switch on the wall is in off condition.

I made it on.All of a sudden it started moving (rolling). As I was very much involved in the switching on process , I was not holding the handle , so nothing could stop me from from stumbling.

Recently an astronaut in NASA space station ran a race( marathon) in a treadmill. If we imagine that if that running is made in the free vacuum space ...If she lost her way before reaching the finishing point. That thought gives me a shiver.

Then we can rule out that case, because it is not possible to run in vacuum, because it is vacuum and we need oxygen, which makes the suit a necessity ,to go out of the space station. As the suit makes movement difficult (as we see the video of man landing in moon) we can hope that no space marathon will be conducted for atleast a few years.

Then what is the need of tread mill in earth other than medical purposes. We are bestowed by God with excellent places where we can run jump and walk freely.

Recently I joined joggers club. to my wonder I could find myself sticking to the habit of running early morning.

All these years I was thinking that the best time to sleep is early morning. But I changed my view. Now for me early morning is meant for jogging. Because I could know that if we are ready to lose that small joy of sleeping early morning , we will gain a day full of energy ,good health in future at zero expense.

But the most important thing in jogging is selecting a route to jog