Sunday, December 23, 2007


To my hostel room door, one day came a tiny little cat.
It was having ash colour, big eyes. It was so small, may be a week old with no mother nearby.
My friend gave it milk. I also thought of doing the same. Next day bought some milk from the canteen. It was not knowing how to drink. I pushed its mouth to the plate. It started licking its face and the plate in a minute.It was very nice to feed it. Two days passed. Third day it came inside my room. Started rubbing my legs. I was happy, but I feared if I go to class who will feed it, what will happen to it once I go to my native place. I didn't allow it to be more attached to me. i shooed it away, it came again. I closed my door so that it cannot ente my room. Next day when I bought milk and i found it dead near my room in a corner.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Leaving the treadmill

People who have visited a gym at any point of their lives may not forget a treadmill. If atleast in movies you have seen one or is using one then then this is worth reading.

My first experience with treadmill made me think it as 'Dread' mill. It was lying in the corner of the gym like akid whose toy has been snatched away by nother.Like every other newcomer, I also wanted to give it a test. I stepped on its wide rubber belt pressed the white button on its panel, but nothing happened at all. Then I found that the power switch on the wall is in off condition.

I made it on.All of a sudden it started moving (rolling). As I was very much involved in the switching on process , I was not holding the handle , so nothing could stop me from from stumbling.

Recently an astronaut in NASA space station ran a race( marathon) in a treadmill. If we imagine that if that running is made in the free vacuum space ...If she lost her way before reaching the finishing point. That thought gives me a shiver.

Then we can rule out that case, because it is not possible to run in vacuum, because it is vacuum and we need oxygen, which makes the suit a necessity ,to go out of the space station. As the suit makes movement difficult (as we see the video of man landing in moon) we can hope that no space marathon will be conducted for atleast a few years.

Then what is the need of tread mill in earth other than medical purposes. We are bestowed by God with excellent places where we can run jump and walk freely.

Recently I joined joggers club. to my wonder I could find myself sticking to the habit of running early morning.

All these years I was thinking that the best time to sleep is early morning. But I changed my view. Now for me early morning is meant for jogging. Because I could know that if we are ready to lose that small joy of sleeping early morning , we will gain a day full of energy ,good health in future at zero expense.

But the most important thing in jogging is selecting a route to jog

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adi Mallikarjun temple

Adi is a small village in Belgaum district of Karnataka state. It is about 18 kilometers form a small town called Nipani. You can catch a bus from Nipani to reach there. The route takes a diversion fromNipani to Kolhapur(district in Maharashtra) road. As you take the diversion you can feel the villages Soundalga,Adi,Benadi,Mangur all lies in the same route.

To go to a temple which is on a hill top the best time to choose is early morning.Have a stay at Nippani and start early in the morning.The hill is visible even before the stop is reached.The road is okay( for a village we can't expect more than that).

There are a lot of small steps leading to the temple. As we say about life, journey not the destination is what we need to enjoy. As we climb up the hill we can see the small bus route like a childs drawing in the sand , small rectangular Jawar fields some dry yellowish and some green a spectacular view of the village can be obtained from the hill. There are almost 700 steps upto the temple but it took only nearly 45 minutes to reach the top. In my opinion a temple is good for offering our prayers when there is less rush of people. To my happiness there was only a few people in the temple and nobody was there to climb with me. The temple is of Lord shiva. It is inside a rock cave like structuer, but renewation process is going on to make look good. Wind was blowing with force up there.

I offered my prayers, and thanks ,took the bhasmam the priest gave me and went down with a satisfaction( for what I dont know).

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Trip from Mysore to Belgaum

After I finished my two months training I was posted in Belgaum for 4 weeks field training.
At night 8:40 ,the train from Mysore to Dharwar. I was accompanied by two friends Manoj and Vikas.
The journey was nice.In our compartment there were three ladies and a gent.Two ladies was from one family. One with a small kid and the elder lady her mother(it's my guess).They asked for lower birth even before the train started.We had no problem in exchanging berths.

There was an old budhist lady.She insisted in throwing her empty teacup and waste paper herself ,eventhough she was too old to do that.She asked us whether you know some place name( still can't get that place). We replied we didn't know.She again asked us with surprise you don't know that place as if we had done something really bad. We looked each other and smiled.
Next to our berth was a couple.Seemed newly wed.
Got into the upperbirth and began my meditation( Savasana).Woke up early in the morning and because train halted in a station , I thought we had reached Dharwar but actually didn't.It was some temporary halt in a station. I made my friends wake up to hear their scoldings.

After an hour we reached Dharawar station.Cool wind was blowing.We kept bags there where we got down .... Really chilling that I thought of taking my blanket and covering myself like a terrorists dress seen in movies...but I was too lazy to take it from my bag.
We got into Rani Channamma express to kolhapur (in the general compartment ).There was a slight rush but I somehow managed to get a seat near an old lady.She took the permission from the Gandhi topiwala(her husband ) for allowing me to sit.He looked at me ,I made a face expression as I am really innocent and I badly want a seat.After a while the topiwala asked for making a call from my mobile for which I hesitated ( he told me in some other language may be Kannada or Marathi, one person near me translated it to hindi ) he wanted to talk to Bangalore,I told mereko paisa lagega balance was less..even otherwise I would not have allowed because he was a total stranger to me.

The route was through forests in both sides....we can see trees extending themselves to infinity....some areas like that ...nature will be at its best in morning....I was blessed to see these picturesque beauty ....
As the jouney progresses I felt a drop of wetness in right leg ( my pants had a small circle of water). I thought it was from the water bottle kept in the bag in my lap.But it was resting wholly on the other leg, I was confused. Then I kept the bag down. I felt sleepy and I was sleeping in the seat till I was woken up by another drop. Then I searched around and found that one person was sleeping in the place for keeping the bags, over my head...He was so asleep that ....saliva.....urgh.......then I remembered that I tried to spread the other drop in the pants thinking it was water ,with my hands...didn't dared to smell my hand...I immediately changed my seat...again thorugh the jawar fields open lands...

Reached a small station belgaum........

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blood donation

Let me start my blogging with some thing good. I always had doubts and fear of donating blood. The process is very simple and the feeling that you have done something good is beyond explanation.
By blood donation you can save somebody's life and can get a free check up yourself.
For those who never had that experience can get their doubts clarified in this site