Sunday, December 23, 2007


To my hostel room door, one day came a tiny little cat.
It was having ash colour, big eyes. It was so small, may be a week old with no mother nearby.
My friend gave it milk. I also thought of doing the same. Next day bought some milk from the canteen. It was not knowing how to drink. I pushed its mouth to the plate. It started licking its face and the plate in a minute.It was very nice to feed it. Two days passed. Third day it came inside my room. Started rubbing my legs. I was happy, but I feared if I go to class who will feed it, what will happen to it once I go to my native place. I didn't allow it to be more attached to me. i shooed it away, it came again. I closed my door so that it cannot ente my room. Next day when I bought milk and i found it dead near my room in a corner.