Saturday, May 14, 2011


When I was fifteen we became friends. My classmate introduced him to me. We used to meet in the evenings once in a month or so. I was proud to have him as a friend as he expanded my friends circle suddenly. I was I was relieved of my reservations whenever I was with him. I even formed friendship with old people . Some of them were so old that they were my father's acquaintances.

Steadily my neighbourhood knew about me. I married ar twentyfour. He was with me even just before my first night.
God blessed me with a kid.
Once I has a quarrel with my wife over an issue about him. I slapped her for the first time in my life as she questioned his integrity.
I told her that he has got even millionaire friends, there is no reason for him to ditch me.
Next whole day I was with him. I was feeling guilty to go back home.I was feeling inferior to others.
Life was going steady as my friendship with him grew.
I was lacking money. I was lacking the luck other friends had.
He shared my soul. He made me forget things.
My wife became independent. She was now not more than headache to me. I was not knowing even my son's grades, or mother's illness.
He made me forget all the worries, even the edema which started in my legs.
My parents my wife were worried about me. But in his company, I hated him. I started taking money from my wife for him, from my friends and then from my neighbours.
I needed more money, I needed more peace of mind. I asked my friend for peace.
He guided me there also. I felt it is better to be dead than unlucky. He gave me the rope to do it. He even made the noose with the rope for me.