Friday, September 30, 2011


It was dark when I reached her house for giving the broadband connection. The subscriber had insisted me to come in the evening after 5:00 PM or on Sunday, and she told me that she will be available at home only that time . She was a teacher in the local school. I didn't want to spare the holiday available in the week. So started to her house on that eventful Friday evening after five from my station.

It seemed little odd when she told me that her house is near the old palm tree. Tress cannot be given as Landmarks here as the village is full of trees. I thought how foolish she was to give her address that way.

It was really a noticeable tree with full of seeds. I then remembered the comparison old people used to give about palm tree seeds hanging and ladies hairs.
The Old palm tree looked elegant and seemed to be touching the evening sky.It was getting dark and its shades covered all over the road. Very near to the tree I found the gate to her house. It was difficult for me to open it because I was sitting in my bike balancing it with a single hand and opening the gate with the other.
I was welcomed by her cat. It meowed and looked at me and went inside. It seemed like it went to call her mistress.
The beautiful lady came down to greet me, asked me if I had any trouble in finding the location. I just smiled. I had a nice time afterward.

The hot coffee she gave was really stimulating my nerves. My work was simple as her computer was new. It was done in five minutes time. As I was sipping the coffee, I inquired about her job and reason for staying alone, kids etc. She told me she was an artist, a singer and dancer by profession and she taught children dance at school. The couple had no children. Her husband was on a business trip. She asked about me and I told her about my hobbies and my favorite singers,the books I read and the films I watch. She listened to me like a curious kid listening to her grandma's story.

As I had to return to the empty quarters after providing this connection, I didn't hesitate to help her to make a facebook id . I don't remember when it started. All I new was that i was kissing her. I felt the fragrance of a flower filling the room. It was an ethereal experience.

When i opened my eyes i was in my quarters, lying weak. My friend took me to the nearest hospital. I had a burning pain in my neck and I was diagnosed as having anaemia


PKNAIR said...

Read more.....You need to improve a lot.....You should make the reader to sit and through the whole lines. Hope you can do that....dear friend

Nice attempt keep going

-Padmakumar Nair

Sarun said...
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Sarun said...
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Sarun said...

hahaha............. quite interesting

Sreeraj said...
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