Monday, December 7, 2009

Faults in telephones:Self help tips

These are some of the tips applicable to the Indian Telephone ( Land line subscribers), for trouble shooting phone faults.
(a) Telephone is completely dead.
Try ringing the same telephone number from another number say a mobile phone.
If it rings then your connection is probably Ok at the telephone exchange.
Step( I)Connect another handset(telephone instrument) if available ( from a friend or neighbour) and see whether its working or not.
If working it might be the problem with the instrument, go for replacement of telephone Instrument.
If not working( and if you geta ring back tone)then it might be the problem with the line,you have to book a complaint at the telephone fault repair centre.

(b) I can receive calls but cannot make calls.
Check in your telephone bills if there is any pending bills to be paid.( there will be an announcement if it is disconnected for nonpayment). If there is no announcement while making calls, go for Step( I)
If not working with the new instrument then it might be the problem with the exchange cards,you have to book a complaint at the telephone fault repair centre.
(c) Dial tone does not cut off when i dial a number.
Do Step( I). If still persists it may be a problem with the exchange cards, book it.
(d) Incoming calls get disconnected as soon as receiver is lifted.
Step (I) if still persists with new telephone probably it might be cable fault
(e) Ringing continues even after the receiver is lifted.
Can be exchange fault or telephone fault. Step( I). If not working book it.
(f) Telephone is noisy.
Connecting wire problem. Insist in changing the connecting wire.
(g) Dial is loose/stuck/broken.
Go for replacement of telephone.
(h) Frequently. I can hear other party cannot hear me:
May be the four way cord problem. Or with the mouth piece. go for the replacement
(1) When i make a call, (2) When i receive a call.
(i) Very often i receive calls meant for telephone number __________ .
This is a major fault. Complain it immediately. Or else there may arise billing issues.
(j) After completing a call (incoming/outgoing) and replace my receiver, i am unable to get dial tone.
Congestion may be the cause.
(k) When i lift my telephone to make a call, i get busy tone instead of dial tone.
Check whether bill is paid or not. If paid then book the complaint. It might be the problem with the exchange cards.
(l) If the telephone rings at an unusually large tone
You have to be very careful for such a fault.It might be the powerline coming in contact with your telephone. Don't pick the phone up.

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