Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If you have a crush on a girl and if the feel is beyond your control and if you want to get rid of it or to make it grow.....
Here are some tips.
  1. Usually people who are in crush tend to compare the person with a celebrity(If the object of the your crush is a celebrity then this tip can't save you), if possible have photos of both and compare.
  2. Talk to the girl on a common topic. Communication will either build or destroy a relationship. Check whether anybody is getting bored or not. You can know whether it is just a physical attraction or more than that.
  3. Think about the girl sharing the same dining table with your parents. Find if there will be any mismatch or not.
  4. Think about you being in her parents apartment.
  5. Try to build good relation with her siblings
  6. Try to know her,( her habits, likes/dislikes, hobbies, skills etc ).
  7. If you are still persisting on the case after doing all these steps I believe you love her.
  8. She will be there for you if she is meant for you after being close to her. So don't fear, go ahead.
Good Luck

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