Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Cup of Tea in rain

It was drizzling. I knew it was impossible to reach my work place next day to join on duty if I alighted from the train and I was having no idea where I will reach that night. Still I decided to see her. I was on the hope of having a decision taken after seeing her. Holding her hand back to my home if she agrees.
Within an hour or two I was in front of big boundary wall separating me from her. I felt myself to be very small in front of it. I rang her, she told she will come with a friend.
 I drenched in rain. After a while she ( her friend didn't turn up) came with an umbrella.
I requested her to have a tea with me.  I was not in a mood to have a tea but I wanted to spent some time with her. She refused. But I insisted. She seemed very busy. My case seemed to be very trivial to her.
Rain water was falling into the hot tea. I was not in a mood to have it. It seemed like a part of me is being separated from me without any mercy.
I was learning that it will be the last time seeing her, but I didn't tell her. She had her tea and congratulated me on my status change. She had no idea that something inside me was dying at that time and I was going to cry.

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